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Vitamin B12 Benefits

Top 10 Benefits Of Vitamin B12


Vitamin B12 is an important nutrient which has multiple health benefits. It is abundantly found in many food sources. Babies, children, adults and everyone requires this nutrient, especially strict vegetarians, smokers, heavy drinkers and breastfeeding women. It promotes the health of your brain, heart, skin, hair, and every part of the body. To summarize, this water soluble vitamin promotes the overall health. Here is a list which charts out the top 10 benefits of Vitamin B12.


  1. It increases energy levels

It is probably one of the most important benefits of Vitamin B12. This vitamin converts carbohydrates into simpler molecules of glucose which is absorbed by the blood stream and relayed to all the muscles and tissues. This way, every part of your body receives sufficient amount of oxygen and gets energized. Therefore, you feel more energetic. People who suffer from fatigue can greatly benefit by including this nutrient in their meals. Also, Vitamin B12 promotes the signalling function of neurotransmitters which determines when the body needs to use energy.


  1. It plays a significant role in metabolizing proteins

Protein is the primary building block of cells. Depletion of protein can lead to several diseases and disorders. Therefore, it is important for your body to have a good ability to metabolize proteins. This is where Vitamin B12 comes in. This nutrient metabolizes protein and speeds up the process. Even if your protein intake is lower, your body will be able to prevent protein deficiency diseases from affecting you. However, it is recommended that you consume proteins and nutrients in sufficient quantities.


  1. It helps in preventing cancer

Vitamin B12 has a good impact on certain deadly cancers like lung cancer, prostate, colon and breast cancers. It helps in preventing these cancers, reduces the risks associated with it and helps in prevention. It boosts the immunity system and makes the body stronger. This increases the body’s ability to fight cancer better and help prevent it.


  1. It protects the heart from cardiac diseases

Heart disease is the cause of the death of a large percentage of the population in the world. Vitamin B12 plays a very important role in maintaining the heart’s health. It decreases homocysteine levels, an amino acid, and reduces the chances of having a stroke or a heart attack. It helps in opening up arteries for easier passage of blood and prevents clot formation.  It also reduces cholesterol and helps the heart pump blood easily. In this way, Vitamin B12 keeps the heart healthy and makes you less prone to heart diseases and conditions.


  1. It prevents Alzheimer’s disease

Although Alzheimer’s disease is known to have no permanent cure, Vitamin B12 can significantly help in making the condition better. It is used to treat patients suffering from this disease. People who have a family history of this disease should include more of this nutrient in their diet to prevent developing the disease. Vitamin B12 improves the cognitive functioning of the brain. Along with that, it also reduces the risk of developing dementia.


  1. It improves brain activity

The importance of the role of Vitamin B12 in brain health is still being researched, because of the vast impact. Vitamin B12 enhances the health of the brain in more than one ways. It provides proper nutrition to the brain which prevents its shrinkage. This helps in decreasing risks for diseases like attention disorder, anxiety and depression. The element S-adenosylmethionine is a compound which is provided to the brain with the help of Vitamin B12. This is the compound which is responsible for treating neurological disorders and helps in mood regulations.


  1. It keeps the skin and hair healthy

Vitamin B12 is important for having healthy skin and hair. This vitamin takes part in cell reproduction which creates new skin cells and hair cells. It reduces dryness of the skin, slows down aging, treats inflammation and acne. Moreover, this nutrient also finds application in treating eczema. You will have healthier and more elastic skin on consuming sufficient amounts of Vitamin B12 in your food.


  1. It enhances digestive system

For a good metabolism and healthy digestive system, Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient. It encourages the growth of good bacteria which help in digesting food faster and more easily. When there is an optimum amount of digestive bacteria in the gut, the digestive system works more efficiently. Thus, it promotes the digestive system by creating a suitable environment for digestion of food. Besides that, it also prevents bowel diseases and disorders.


  1. It curbs cholesterol

Cholesterol boosts many kinds of dangerous diseases and degrades health gradually. Having high levels of cholesterol can slow down the function of your organs which may be detrimental. Vitamin B12 reduces the level of bad cholesterol. This helps your heart in pumping blood, and distributing it to other areas of the body. It prevents the risks of stroke and heart attack. It reduces high blood pressure and promotes the overall health of the body.


  1. It helps in treating depression

Depression is a serious problem which may often degrade to other disorders. Vitamin B12 creates chemicals in the brain which are used for functions like mood regulation. This vitamin helps in treating agoraphobia, stress, anxiety disorders and prevents obsessive thoughts. The positive impact that Vitamin B12 has on the mood has been studied extensively. It maintains a good adrenaline health, promotes emotional energy, boosts memory function and calms you down. Thereby, it can be stated that Vitamin B12 has a profound impact on your mood and its positive effect on depression is evident.


Consult your physician or dietician and determine the amount of Vitamin B12 that should go into your diet. Maintaining optimum levels of all the required nutrients in your meals will enhance your health and promote your life in several ways. Since Vitamin B12 is involved in almost all bodily functions, it has a wide range of benefits. If you are under medication, do not take Vitamin B12 supplements without consulting the doctor or it might have side effects.


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